Justin Hayward discusses the Moody Blues concert at NYCB Theatre at Westbury

I really enjoy the NYCB Theatre at Westbury and I especially like the stage turning – you get to see the audience close up (every few minutes) and anyway, the feeling that you get on stage is that the audience is turning, except when it gets to the end of it’s travel and the stage […]

Justin Hayward on the Moody Blues Cruise

I really enjoyed the parts of the cruise that actually involved playing music – but I’m concerned that too much of the recent cruise was about taking money from fans, mostly for (and I have to say it) worthless merchandise, and other stuff associated with the group. I would be surprised if fans think that’s […]

Moody Blues gearing up for a second cruise

Justin Hayward and his band, The Moody Blues, are getting set for their┬ásecond caribbean cruise. Only a few thousand fans will be fortunate enough to hear the band as they rock the seas. The cruise will also feature fellow Isle of Wight Festival alums Carl Palmer of ELP, Lighthouse, Shawn Phillips and Roger Daltrey of […]

Justin Hayward discusses when he realized music was the right fit for him

I loved music as far back as my memory goes. I liked the music on the radio, I was particularly touched by Johnny Ray’s voice when I was little, and I liked the Hymns in ‘Hymns Ancient and Modern. We sang them in Church, and in school assembly, which is politically incorrect in any UK […]

Justin Hayward writes about his favorite album

The Buddy Holly Story Vol 2 Because it contains the recordings that have meant the most to me since I was around 12 years old. Every song touched me. Although I owned records of Buddy and the Crickets before Buddy died, this album really touched me – and I loved the ‘overdubbed’ versions of his […]

Justin Hayward discusses his new year resolutions

I’ve made a resolution to improve the ‘on stage sound’ of all my acoustic guitars this year. I don’t feel the pick-ups that are installed in them are good enough to give a really true acoustic sound. So, along with my guitar tech David, I’m testing a few processors and e.q. systems that sound to […]

Justin Hayward talks about his experience in the recording studio

I have always been prepared when I go into the studio – that’s not always a good thing, as occasionally my own determination and inflexibility has been hard for others to accept. But I usually know, or have worked out the drum patterns and basic bass lines for every song I have written before starting […]

Justin Hayward talks about his musical influences

I liked the hymns from The English Hymnal – and also, when I was about four years old, I loved to hear Johnny Ray sing when he came on the wireless. His voice caught my attention and there was something about it that made me be very still and listen. My biggest influence was Buddy […]

Justin Hayward talks about the Moody Blue’s stage set up over the years.

When I first came to the band I had a basic Vox AC 30, and a Fender Telecaster that I had bought from Kempsters music shop in Swindon right after my first meeting with Mike Pinder. I had just sold my 335 a couple of weeks before meeting the band because I was flat broke. […]