Press Release: Justin Hayward’s New Album “All The Way”​ Is a Mix of Old, New and Missing Songs

CHICAGO, IL (October 31, 2016): Justin Hayward’s new album All The Way is a true testament to the scope and spirit of Justin’s impressive solo career. The broad selection of the album’s 30 tracks demonstrates the plethora of styles and sounds we’ve all come to love in Justin’s nearly 40 years as a solo artist, […]

A Special Q+A

John George Jr.: Are you going to have “The Rockford Symphony Orchestra” back you up when you return to Rockford this time in October? That was an Awesome & Amazing Show! Justin Hayward: Sadly, no. I remember they were a great orchestra, and I hope one day we’ll do another orchestra tour. John Brizzolara: How would […]

Q+A: Recent Listenings

Do you have any thoughts on televised award shows, especially for music? Do you think it’s possible to recognize all the artistic accomplishments with such a limited voting body? I think it’s great for new, or young artists to be honoured this way. I would have to say that it means a lot for these […]

Q+A: Justin’s Musical Background

What’s your musical background aside from what you’re known for? Are you say, a fan of jazz or hip hop or country? Or do you just enjoy good music, genre aside? My parents organised a few piano lessons when I was 5 or 6 years old, but I found trying to read, and interpret music […]

Remembering Merle Haggard

 Merle Haggard had great wisdom, as well as all other other stuff that he was know and celebrated for. This is one such that I like:  “When I was nine years old, right after my dad died, my mother got me some violin lessons with this big heavyset lady. It took nine lessons before this […]

Q+A: Songwriting, The Recording Process, and My Favourites of 2015

Q: Do you have a process for writing songs? For example, do you start with chord progressions, then build a melody, then write lyrics? Describe how you’d create a typical song. A: It will start with just playing for fun, and something comes out that that I want to play over and over – then […]

Justin Hayward on Young People in the Arts, Vintage Guitars, and More!

Q: Should we encourage more young people to engage in the arts, specifically music? Young people will love to engage in all the arts – if given a chance. Maybe every adult should try to make a musical instrument (of any kind) available to a young person in their family. Guitars are probably the most […]

Exclusive Limited Time Justin Hayward DVD Offer

In honor of The Story Behind Nights In White Satin being nominated for Best Documentary by the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema, we have made special arrangements to have this stunning documentary available to you for a limited time. You can get this DVD as part of a pre-packaged set entitled The Justin Hayward Collection. […]

Big News! The Story Behind Nights in White Satin

The Story Behind Nights In White Satin, a documentary produced and directed by noted filmmaker/musician David Minasian, has been nominated this year by the Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema for Best Documentary. The year was 1966. A 19 year old lad from Swindon named Justin Hayward had just joined a struggling English rock band called […]

Meeting Marty Wilde

“Marty and I had not met for 17 years before this photo was taken. When Marty asked me to join him and his wife Joyce in a new line up, The Wilde Three (that followed on from The Wildcats) in the early 60’s, I was 17 years old. Joyce – also a wonderful singer, was […]