Justin Hayward writes about his favorite album

The Buddy Holly Story Vol 2

Because it contains the recordings that have meant the most to me since I was around 12 years old. Every song touched me. Although I owned records of Buddy and the Crickets before Buddy died, this album really touched me - and I loved the 'overdubbed' versions of his home recordings too - made all the more poignant after I had heard the original New York apartment tapes. But it was around this time in my life that most of us teenagers were carrying around our records when we went to our friends houses to be together and listen to music. I still have most of my singles (most of which were bought before I had my own record player) and I would play them at other boys and girls houses. But this was the first album I owned. The quality was great, the sleeve, with the outdoor photo of Buddy with a far away look in his eyes, is very evocative. It meant the world to me, and of course, I still have it, even though, once again, I don't own a record player. I played this album over and over and over, and I still never tire of it and love it just as much now as I did then.