Justin Hayward discusses his new year resolutions

I've made a resolution to improve the 'on stage sound' of all my acoustic guitars this year. I don't feel the pick-ups that are installed in them are good enough to give a really true acoustic sound. So, along with my guitar tech David, I'm testing a few processors and e.q. systems that sound to us like they really help. It's a question of putting back into the signal that goes to the front of house desk, some colour and harmonic frequencies that are not captured going directly in as it stands. We really are getting somewhere, and Alberto and I are also testing them in the studio as we mix the show we filmed in Atlanta on my solo tour. We are finding that by analysing the ambiance of my live Atlanta show guitars we are getting closer to the beautiful 'woody' sound of those instruments. The show itself sounds really good and Mike Dawes guitar sounds great anyway. Fortunately, it was superbly recorded on Pro Tools that night, so everything is clean with no weird dropouts or tracks missing. We are also leaving all the mistakes in !! Because they are fun.