A Special Q+A

John George Jr.: Are you going to have “The Rockford Symphony Orchestra” back you up when you return to Rockford this time in October? That was an Awesome & Amazing Show! Justin Hayward: Sadly, no. I remember they were a great orchestra, and I hope one day we’ll do another orchestra tour. John Brizzolara: How would […]

The Next Generation of Musicians

It’s always great to play with young musicians who can create magic wherever they go through their performance. I’m very lucky to have Julie Ragins and Mike Dawes with me – they give everything on stage and love playing the songs as much I do. They know what the songs mean to the many people […]

Justin Speaks about his Musical Heritage

My dear grandfather (my fathers father) left me a sparkling collection of records – hits from the 1930’s and 40’s – and his wind up gramophone when I was around five years old. That opened a world of imagination for me. He also had a piano in his small front room and when I was […]

Justin’s Favorite Lyricist(s)

I think the Beatles changed all the rules, and John, Paul and George wrote the best lyrics of my generation, probably any generation. They never wasted a word or used a filler just to make up a line. I’m sure there have been many other great lyricists but the Beatles always said it best. They […]

Justin Hayward Talks about the Difference Between Two Types of Performances

Justin Hayward has performed on a multitude of different stages, two of the most memorable have been his performances with The Moody Blues and his time spent on stage for Jeff Wayne’s War of the Worlds. Here, he talks about the differences, and similarities, between those two types of performances. War Of The Worlds is very […]

Mike Dawes – Boogie Shred

Over the past year, Mike Dawes took a GoPro camera and an iPhone around the world to capture his ‘What Just Happened?’ world tour, and gather footage to accompany his oldest song, Boogie Shred.

Justin Hayward Talks About Legendary Producer Tony Visconti

After the Strawberry Studio South recording studio in Dorking closed in 1983 I was very fortunate to meet Tony Visconti. What a lucky day! I loved recording with Tony at Good Earth studio in Dean Street, Soho, and from the moment I first visited the studio I could feel the vibe of quality and enthusiasm […]

Justin Hayward on the Moody Blues Cruise

I really enjoyed the parts of the cruise that actually involved playing music – but I’m concerned that too much of the recent cruise was about taking money from fans, mostly for (and I have to say it) worthless merchandise, and other stuff associated with the group. I would be surprised if fans think that’s […]

Justin Hayward discusses when he realized music was the right fit for him

I loved music as far back as my memory goes. I liked the music on the radio, I was particularly touched by Johnny Ray’s voice when I was little, and I liked the Hymns in ‘Hymns Ancient and Modern. We sang them in Church, and in school assembly, which is politically incorrect in any UK […]

Justin Hayward discusses his new year resolutions

I’ve made a resolution to improve the ‘on stage sound’ of all my acoustic guitars this year. I don’t feel the pick-ups that are installed in them are good enough to give a really true acoustic sound. So, along with my guitar tech David, I’m testing a few processors and e.q. systems that sound to […]