Meeting Marty Wilde

Justin Hayward and Marty Wilde shaking hands"Marty and I had not met for 17 years before this photo was taken. When Marty asked me to join him and his wife Joyce in a new line up, The Wilde Three (that followed on from The Wildcats) in the early 60's, I was 17 years old. Joyce - also a wonderful singer, was a young mother of 19 or 20 years old with two small children. Ricky had not long been born and first child Kim was about 2 years old - Marty was 21. I knew and loved all the songs before I met Mart. We didn't have much at all between us , except a couple of guitars and two Vox amps that we managed to persuade Jennings at Dartford that we could promote for them by doing concerts all over the World, so they gave them to us free (thank goodness they did!). We worked our socks off, sometimes playing 3 gigs in one night. We travelled to the Middle East, to Africa to Ireland and all over the British Isles, always working, sometimes in very rough places and tough conditions - no dressing rooms, often with no-where to stay and of course, no roadie. Mart, Joyce and me did it all ourselves. The children were often with us on the road. But sometimes Marty's mum looked after them, or when we were up north, Joyce's mum and dad, Between all their families they gave me everything - every possible kindness, and Marty was , and still is, my hero. Not long after my Marty adventure, I joined the The Moody Blues, and Marty went on to become one of England's top songwriters, but as fate would have it we didn't actually meet up again until that photo. Since the 80's, when we met up again, all of us, and all our families have become firm close friends, and we are in touch all the time. It's a relationship I treasure - more and more each day - With love"