Q+A: Recent Listenings

Do you have any thoughts on televised award shows, especially for music? Do you think it's possible to recognize all the artistic accomplishments with such a limited voting body? I think it's great for new, or young artists to be honoured this way. I would have to say that it means a lot for these boys and girls - encouragement is important. Of course, some musicians and singers wouldn't entertain the idea of being given an award and that's fine too. Music needs rebels, and conformers, but it's always special if the people who are voting are your own peers and inspiration, so I kind of agree with the implication in the question. What have you been listening to recently and what attracts you to it? Music is all around us nowadays and I often hear fragments of songs as I'm passing - then I find out who they are and buy the record. I don't have favourites anymore - there is so much good new music around. Last year I heard The Left and loved it, but since then it's been hard to find. And Trevor Hall. From Tupac Shakur to Maria Callas, there seem to be quite a few music biopics in the works. Any particular ones you're looking forward to? Do you have a favorite? Always fascinating, if they are done well. I find the life stories of the classical composers very enlightening. But The Buddy Holly story is still the one that resonates with me most. I was so thrilled to have met Maria Elena Holly a few times over the years.