Justin Hayward’s Favorite Studios

On lovely warm day in 1992 my friend Mickey Feat and I drove along the Mediterranean coast road into Italy, on past Genoa to a delightful small seaside village called Recco. We wound our way down the hill from the road, crossed the railway line, slowly negotiated the delightfully rough and pretty lane and swung into the yard of the most beautiful old traditional Italian family house. We were warmly welcomed by a young, enthusiastic studio owner and engineer Alberto Parodi. We had arrived at Mulinetti. It was to become my creative home for many happy years, and Alberto and his lovely family are my dear friends and colleagues still. Alberto has built three different studios since I have known him and every one has been a 'state of the art' gem.
Alberto Parodi and Donato Masci at Mulinetti Studio

Alberto Parodi and Donato Masci at Mulinetti Studio

Mulinetti itself was an old house situated right on the sea side, the waves lapping gently below the charming garden during the glorious sunny days and sometimes dramatically crashing against the rocks only couple of metres below on some wild nights. The studio and control room were situated in the lower basement-come garden floor of the house, with lines through to the upstairs rooms for recording drums and other instruments that required lots of space.  
Every day spent in the studio was a pleasure, and every night was magical with it's ambiance of good music and good vibes. The first few albums I made there were with English engineers, with Alberto handling all the technical and practical issues - but one day I realised that Alberto was by far the best engineer himself and since then every project I have done has been shared with him.
Mulinetti, and now Alberto's Logicalbox have been home from home for me. They are the best studios I have  known - and to answer the question - they are my favourites.